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Big Money Fraudster – Google searches for Tom Signorelli as Fraudster and WS Capital Fund

Google searches for Tom Signorelli and WS Capital Fund will return many press releases of the various funds that he has and has company has recently been involved in. In addition to the press releases, you will also find various lawsuits and testimonials from Thomas’s victims as well as fines from various regulatory services.  WS Capital Fund specializes in both lending and investing. Thomas boasts that with his experience and expertise he can help “navigate” credit requirements of both traditional and non-traditional lenders. Tom uses investors to help fund several of the credit accounts that he can provide to companies seeking financing. If done right, collecting and bundling investments to finance emerging businesses can help to kickstart evolving global economies. However, in the hands of a fraudster like Thomas Signorelli, it can also act like a pyramid scheme – enriching the top of the pyramid – the head of the fund, Signorelli – and leave the bottom layer investments with failed investments and potential borrowers without the credit that they had been promised. Thomas has been pulling scams like these since at least 2010 and has been chased out of doing business in several states including Washington and California. Thomas’s new grift is currently headquartered in Florida, WS Capital Fund. Hilariously, the WS Capital Fund website provides tips to help customers prevent fraud in the investment world. One such blog post is Tom Signorelli Fraud Savior. Though there are some good tips to help readers prevent or avoid fraudsters, you can’t help but wonder if Tom is speaking from his experience as a fraudster when he wrote these blog posts. Thomas has been flailing of late to reclaim any kind of legitimacy as a fund manager, but this leopard won’t change its spots. Tom Signorelli is a fraudster and WS Capitol Fund is just his new vehicle that he can use to dupe unsuspecting investors and disappear from promised borrowers leaving these companies in ruin.

Thomas Signorelli, according to his LinkedIn, graduated from University of St Thomas in Houston, Texas. Though Signorelli has several strange websites that boast dubious facts and claims about himself, his past is relatively murky as most conmen like. Tom has moved around the country a few times setting up financial scams from Washington, California and now, Florida. We won’t spend too much time talking about where Thomas has been based on his “accomplishments” but focus more on the trail of lawsuits and regulatory penalties that follow up. Signorelli boasts that his expertise and experience is what differentiates his businesses to both investors and borrowers. Perhaps the experience and expertise that Signorelli refers to is the myriad lawsuits that he has either lost or is currently pending against him. All of the legal action against Tom Signorelli state either breach of contract or fraud as the reason for the suit. Though Thomas Signorelli argues vehemently, and we will discuss this later, that he is being targeted by “bullies” who are spreading false information about him – there is nothing false or untrue about the public lawsuits and penalties against him.

In 2011, Signorelli and his company, Westgate Advisors, was sanctioned and fined by the State of Washington Department of Financial Institutions Securities Division alleging business opportunity fraud. The suit alleges that in 2007 Westgate Advisors and Thomas Signorelli ran a training program to generate business debt transactions for commissions. Signorelli would charge prospective applicants $5000 for the program while promising them that they will make over $100,000 in commissions per year with the program. Along with the $5000 fee, the prospects were told that they would be supplied with equipment, coaching conferences, and telemarketing services to help prospect leads for them. Ultimately, Westgate failed their prospect by not providing any written disclosures of the financial statements of the company. They also failed the prospect by not honoring the commission “guarantee” that Signorelli provided during the recruiting of the prospect. Additional guarantees made by Signorelli regarding the telemarketing organization and organization of leads also failed to materialize and was proven in court that these were not provided as agreed. Signorelli reimbursed the prospective employee the $5000 fee and was penalized via a cease and desist order in offering and selling opportunities like this. Unfortunately, this penalty was not a deterrent to Signorelli. On the contrary, Signorelli saw this as an endorsement that the lack of any penalty cause him to be even more brazen with his financial schemes.

In addition to employment fraud, Signorelli is no stranger to defrauding creditors. The above case against Signorelli alleges that he misrepresented his assets in an effort to secure a $215,000 short term loan. Signorelli intended to use his property as collateral for the financing. The plaintiff alleges that the property that was promised as collateral was over encumbered and not eligible for a first lien collateral position as he had promised to the plaintiff. In addition to the misleading information regarding his collateral, Signorelli also grossly overestimated his net worth – providing the false impression that he would be able to repay the loan in terms agreed to. Signorelli’s “expertise” has provided him with the ability to easily swindle and fast talk willing investors and lenders into financing his exploits. Unfortunately, WS Capital funding and Signorelli, according to press releases, have recently secured several million in funding for various investments including food, oil, and real estate. It is a matter of time that those investors identify that Signorelli is a swindler and has no intention of making good on the promises that he has made.

There are several other pending lawsuits against Signorelli and WS Capital Funds. You can find more information about these suits at the links below. Thomas has an ease and comfort in misleading investors and borrowers alike. There is no integrity with the way that he does business. Thomas has been making a great effort to distance himself from bad publicity as “bullying” against him stating that there are two individuals specifically that have been seeking to spread misstatements about his fraud. He calls out Ankur Patel and Victor Russell, but neither of these individuals have anything to do with the lawsuits either having been settled or pending against Signorelli. Their aggrievement must also be connected with the various scams that Signorelli has been pulling over the last fifteen years.  Thomas is hoping that you don’t pay attention to his past and buy into his “experience” and “expertise.” But he has no intention of keeping his promises or helping anyone succeed financial beyond himself.

One of the most interesting strategies that Thomas Signorelli has employed to deceive his prospective clients is to create a blog that advertises him as a “fraud savior.” Poorly created web pages, and, effort to paint Thomas as a financial health guru. It helps him to sell his folksy image of being an advocate for his clients not with respect to those investing or borrowing with him but even those that are looking for financial advice. Be warned, that taking financial advice from a crook like Signorelli is unwise. His tips regarding fraud prevention might be fruitful given that those tips specifically come from a fraudster. But be wary of dealing with Thomas Signorelli, he is extremely dangerous and does not care who he rips off.

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